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The company Brazilian Intimacy was born from a dream of company creator Alma, Mexican born in the city of Oaxaca, and Deivid, Brazilian from the state of Goiás, to realize their entrepreneurial goal in California.

The desire to open a store focused on Brazilian women’s fashion came up from a talk between them about their future financial life. Alma always commented on the underwear pieces of big, internationally recognized brands that weren’t comfortable at all, that despite being beautiful, they hurt. She made comparisons with the sensuality of Brazilian women’s underwear.

The idea of Brazilian underwear stuck in their minds and they did a lot of research about the market. They started to buy a variety of pieces to test the waters as well as the quality. The idea was quickly accepted and they bought a minibus to create a mobile shop, which made them even more recognizable!

Alma and Deivid’s biggest focus and pleasure is to bring to their Californian clients Brazilian women’s fashion, especially lingerie made with Brazilian modeling, sewn with extremely comfortable fabrics and lace, with cost-effectiveness never seen before.


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